My interest in tattooing goes back decades, I started collecting the odd piercing in my 20s and simultaneously began reading about traditional body modifications, cultural and religious practices from around the world. I’m not heavily tattooed, I’m very average. I had, this morning, 2 small concealed tattoos, one for India, one for Nepal, my favourite places and cultures. I wanted one for Thailand. I also liked the idea of the tattoo being applied by a monk and of receiving the traditional blessings to make the experience a spiritual or magical one. I started researching and promised myself a Sak Yant, the Thai traditional tatoo, for my 50th birthday. After all, my mum can’t tell me I’ll regret it when I’m 50 now.

A friend asked why I’d want tattoos in hidden places, well, they’re for me, not for everyone else. It’s about the experience and the meaning, not fashion. For the record, this has nothing to do with Angelina Jolie’s 5 line Sak Yant. If you want her Arjan, you’re looking at a $1000 bill these days.


First Do Some Research on Thai Sacred Tattoos

If you know something about the culture and history associated with these ancient designs, the experience will be all the more special. Click through our links to take a look at this book.