pattaya tattoo

The fine artistry of Tattooing has always been part of Thai tradition and history. It has brought Thai culture and technology together. Evolving through many years it has established Thailand as a place where people come and have tattoos designed.  Phung Pattaya Tattoo Studio is one of the leading studios having won many awards and is trusted by a growing number of visitors. 

But Why Choose Tattoo in Pattaya?

Phung Pattaya Tattoo Studio are based in Pattaya and have a very high reputation for a very hygienic, modern studio, with award winning artists, putting customer care first.
Choosing a reliable, hygienic Tattoo shop is a decision not easily taken, as this is normally a once in a lifetime process. Understanding customer needs K.Note and K.Tui have many years of experience in the business and will always work with their clients to achieve their ideal design.
There are many tattoos to choose from, the process of choosing one is very important. Phung Pattaya Tattoo Studio can help you choose your unique design that you will enjoy and stay with you for a lifetime.

Phung Pattaya Tattoo Studio